September 17, 2021

Myths About Skincare – When it comes to marriage, there are some things that should not be believed, there are also many things that should be believed. But basically some of the myths you don’t need to believe.

1. Stop using retinol if it irritates the skin

Retinol is one product that is believed to help prevent aging. However, the use of retinol also provides possible side effects, such as skin redness, dryness, and peeling.
If you experience this type of irritation, the key is not to stop taking retinol completely. You need to change how and when to use it.

Myths About Skincare

2. Eye cream should be stored in the refrigerator

According to Danné Montague-King, author and botanical chemist, and founder of DMK Skincare, colder temperatures do not extend the shelf life of beauty products. After all, when you apply a cold cream to your skin, your body warms it up immediately.

3. Tired of causing dark circles around the eyes

Danné Montague-King reveals that discoloration of the skin around the eyes occurs when blood does not circulate efficiently. Therefore, lack of sleep can worsen the problem of dark circles around the eyes.

However, that’s not the only cause of dark circles on the face. This condition can also occur because the body lacks iron or does not get enough oxygen. Dark circles around the eyes also become more prominent as the skin gets thinner due to aging.

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4. Sunscreen is only needed when it’s hot

Some of you may think that sunscreen is only needed when it’s dry. In fact, you still have to wear sunscreen every day, whether it’s raining, sunny, or cloudy. Even though you’re indoors, you still need sunscreen, ladies. “Even though you may not see the sun, remember that ultraviolet radiation is present during the day and always radiates from the sun, even on cloudy days. And that ultraviolet light is what causes aging and skin cancer,” says New York-based dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla. , MD.