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Recognize Caring for Sensitive Skin Recognize Caring for Sensitive Skin

Recognize Caring for Sensitive Skin – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss the introduction of sensitive skin.The following are some tips that you can apply in treating sensitive skin:

1. Choose a product that is friendly to skin

Sensitive skin owners need to be more careful in choosing skin care products. Use products specifically for sensitive skin, which generally contain fewer chemicals, are gentle on the skin, and are fragrance-free. Usually this product is labeled “hypoallergenic”.

2. Stay away from irritating substances

Because it is easy to experience reactions, sensitive skin owners need to avoid using products that contain irritating ingredients, such as antibacterials, detergents, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur (sulfur), glycolic acid, alcohol, and retinoids.

3. Often use moisturizer

Sensitive skin is prone to dryness and cracks. To prevent dry skin, be diligent in applying moisturizer after bathing. Generally, moisturizers that contain petrolatum, mineral oil, linoleic acid, ceramide, dimethicone, or glycerin are safe for sensitive skin.

4. Limit bath time

Bathing for too long can make the skin easily damaged. Therefore, people with sensitive skin need to limit their bathing time to 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, it is also advisable to shower with soap for sensitive skin and not use water that is too cold or hot, but warm water.

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5. Limit sun exposure and use sunscreen

If your skin is sensitive to sun exposure or hot temperatures, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. If you have to be outdoors during the day, wear closed clothes, a wide hat, and dark glasses.

In addition, use a special sunscreen for sensitive skin with an SPF of 30 or more, whenever you are going to be outside the room.

Owners of sensitive skin are also advised to wear comfortable clothes made of cotton. Clothing made from this can absorb sweat, so that the skin can avoid prickly heat and irritation.

Every time you want to use a product for the skin, sensitive skin owners need to do a skin test first. The trick is to rub the product on the arm, then leave it for a while. If the skin becomes red, itchy, or sore, then the product is not suitable for use.