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Taylor Swift Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree from New York University Taylor Swift Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree from New York University

Taylor Swift Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree from New York University – It is certain that many people know the figure of Taylor Swift as a singer who is already very legendary. Taylor Swift was seen attending the New York University graduation ceremony at Yankee Stadium, New York, on Wednesday (18/5/2022) yesterday. His presence was not for a gig, but instead became one of the graduation participants.

Reported from E! News, the 11-time Grammy winner received an honorary doctorate from the university. Of course, this was warmly welcomed by the graduates and other graduates, who uploaded their graduation moments with the “Shake It Off” singer and uploaded them on social media.

In the photos circulating, Taylor Swift is seen wearing a purple toga. Joe Alwyn’s lover appeared with her trademark lipstick color, bright red, and let her blonde hair fall on one shoulder.

“Taylor really blends in like one of the college students,” said a source. He added, “Everyone accepted it and Taylor had a great time too.”

Despite having a celebrity title, Taylor Swift’s behavior is not “pretentious”. Eyewitnesses even saw Taylor talking to some students, and asked what their experiences had been like so far.

“He’s so sweet and sincere… He just wants to hear different perspectives,” he said.

“He’s cute and fun, and he looks really happy. Taylor has told people that he is very surprised and happy with this honor,” the source concluded.

Not only wearing a toga and undergoing a graduation procession, Taylor Swift also had the opportunity to speak on the podium. He talked about the ups and downs he experienced in the entertainment world.

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“The world has acted like a spectator at sporting events in my love life, where I lost every game. This is not a good way to date in my teens and 20s,” said the 32-year-old.

He continued, “But it taught me to protect my private life to the utmost.”

Taylor Swift says that being repeatedly humiliated in public at a very young age was painful for her, but it has taught her a lesson not to worry too much about popularity.

He also talked about his bickering with Kanye West – Kim Kardashian, in a joking tone. “Rejected on the internet and almost lost my career, gave me a wide knowledge about different types of wine.”