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Using Skin Care By Order Using Skin Care By Order

Using Skin Care By Order – The sequential way to use skin care for dry skin, can restore skin elasticity and skin health for women is very important to know

Dry skin is the cause of other skin problems. Not only dehydration, but the cause of dry skin can be due to various things, one of which is taking care and using the wrong skincare. Then, can dry skin be treated properly?

Of course, one of the efforts to overcome dry skin can be done by using the right skincare. The following is the order of using skincare in the morning and evening that is recommended for those of you with dry skin. Check out the following steps.

1. Clean face

The first step in taking care of the skin before the activity is to clean it. For owners of dry skin, facial soap should not be used carelessly. Use facial soap made from ingredients that can hydrate the skin. As much as possible, choose facial cleansing products made from natural or non-foaming.

2. Hydrate skin with toner

After the skin feels clean and fresh, continue with a toner that can increase skin hydration and restore balance to facial skin. Choose a toner that does not contain fragrance and alcohol, so it is very gentle and effectively moisturizes the face.

3. Serum to nourish the skin

Serum is a skincare product with a high concentration that can solve certain problems on your skin. Use a serum with antioxidant content that can prevent skin damage caused by free radicals.

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4. Light Moisturizer

Apply a moisturizer or moisturizer. For dry skin, this is a crucial step that should not be missed. So that the nutrients in the moisturizer can be absorbed properly, don’t wait for the serum to dry.

5. Use sunscreen

The final step that must be used is sunscreen. For dry skin during the day, the use of SPF 30 sunscreen is highly recommended to protect the skin well. The use of sunscreen is only used in the order of skincare use in the morning.